Steph Sibounheuang is the next best thing with Angel Energy. 
Angel Energy aligns heaven on Earth. 
She is the new age generation priestess. A formal model and vixen, now a beautiful wholesome woman spreading Gods word with a spicy ghetto twist that the culture can relate to. 
Steph is Light.
After her soulmate and daughters dad, Famous Singer Pnb Rock was brutally murdered in front of her while on vacation she dug deeper into Gods Word, putting her self thru spiritual therapy and knew it was her purpose to be obedient and vulnerable and let the world join her thru her healing journey.
Her daily prayers are captivating social media swiftly. All of the celebrities are on board supporting her brand “Angel Energy” which is “Heaven on Earth” in a nutshell to describe her brand.
Not only does “Angel Energy” offer daily prayers, she offers apparel and holistic items like healing candles, spiritual baths, bless oil, and yoni steams.
Not only is she getting thousands of people closer to God daily and changing lives…she is making it a brand, making it a lifestyle, making it fun and transparent to worship the Lord.
For the cherry on top
She has been journaling her grief experience and will be sharing her testimony and heavenly experiences with soul mate PNB ROCK which will touch the world.
Right after, she will drop another book “How To Get Closer To God In 7 Days”
We will be speaking at public events on this matter and soon will be selling out arenas, spreading Gods word, making people better. The new age generation way.
A charismatic priestess.
Preacher bae lol
“Angel Energy” will be launching an app to bring heaven to your phone. It will consist of hourly affirmations, prayers, work outs, healthy recipes, and more. The new positive next best app! Angel Energy is really a lifestyle. You will project paradise all around you!
In Conclusion, Steph Sibounheuang and “Angel Energy” will continue to grow in Gods speed.